Shadowrun: CalFree

You've reached the home of the California Free State campaigns. Created by Cirion for Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Use these files with DRM-Free versions of the Shadowrun PC games, such as those sold by GoG or the Epic store. To install a campaign, download the ZIP file and place it in the content pack directory for your game and OS.

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Campaigns

The Caldecott Caper

The lowest form of life in the Sixth World is that of the corporate rent-a-cop. You are paid a paltry wage for the privilege of defending the megacorps' ostentatious wealth from the desperate gangers of the Orkland Sprawl. Enter a world of turmoil, greed, and violence, as you struggle for survival with the help of a few hand-picked allies.

22.4 MB / SHA256 6e3d799b4c7d9fe3b5e62fd426294d1a455015f5597e11204868a5fb92cf5245

CalFree in Chains

The California Free State has fallen. Only the People's University and a handful of allies dare to challenge General Saito's tyrannical reign, but how can so few hope to stand against the brutal power of the Protectorate and its megacorp backers?

17.3 MB / SHA256 f42d0333b8984928fb744cdf02f59197feaa6b549541495e2548c53123d89192

Hong Kong Music Replacer

A strongly-recommended companion to CalFree in Chains, this replaces the original Hong Kong music with a new set of tunes from Dragonfall and the band Invocation Array.

Unlike the campaign mods on this page, you will need to directly run the downloaded executable. It contains options to update your Hong Kong music or to return to the original music.

Download: PC version 0.1.1
253.3 MB / SHA256 1c6fc1344dabc3583abda57425bdfcbf6731e73833d1aa509b35d4edbcc8e706

Download: Mac version 0.1.0 Shadowrun Hong Kong Music
129.6 MB / SHA256 8095e32b6e1df7b1670e8ecbcb5cffce7c3b8ba3a5fcffdc736797d260e69e09

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Campaign

Antumbra Saga

Venture into a sprawling campaign set on the Pacific Coast. In Antumbra Saga you will rise from a lowly shadowrunner to a pivotal player in the struggle between CalFree and Tir Tairngire. Along the way you’ll nurture alliances, build up a party, and make decisions that will affect your fate and that of the factions you encounter.

18.2 MB / SHA256 e8e778b19cbde3c2a2ec5c04decde8ff54f2e275ddb0950877b238a537127f5b

Shadowrun Returns Campaigns

These mods are no longer maintained or supported. All of their content, along with additional bugfixes and improvements, are now included in Antumbra Saga. If you still want to run these, you will need a fully-patched version of Shadowrun Returns and the original Dragonfall DLC. You must install all three mods as they are mutually dependent.

2.9MB MB / SHA256 75aa7b57e57ada8f1332eea0d3423eac43d9dcfd9d47cf052d87ddfaa183ae53

9MB / SHA256 9498f8d51f849c52c32d8687b2ad1a2445436da15e6bf68c074214e5ab588a62

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